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Harmonize & sparkle

your home

Let Next Level Home harmonize and sparkle your home.

Reliable house cleaning and professional home organizing

Serving Capitol Hill, Miller Park, Montlake, Madrona, Cherry Hill, Downtown, Fremont, Magnolia, Green Lake, Meridian, Phinney Ridge, Ballard, Queen Anne 

$60 per hour, minimum 2 hours.  Bonded/ Insured  

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As the pandemic diminishes and life picks up a faster pace it is important to examine the role our homes play in our health. Experts claim that pollution inside your home can be worse than outdoor air pollution. The best way to reduce the buildup of these immune system disruptors in your home is to clean regularly. A clean and organized home can help keep you and family members healthy all year long.


Cluttered homes tend to harbor a lot of dust. The less stuff you have, the fewer places dust can collect, so decluttering is a great place to start.


Cleaning your house will remove dust, bacteria, pet dander, mildew, mold, and allergens. These things can trigger your immune system. Disinfecting countertops, vacuuming, and cleaning damp areas such as bathrooms will help maintain a healthy home.


A clean and organized home not only helps your immune system but also helps reduce stress. It is much easier to relax and have peace of mind when everything is clean and in its proper place. Your productivity will increase, saving you time by knowing where everything is. And you will sleep better, feeling more organized and in control of your life.

Why Choose NLH?


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Life is crazy busy— work, family, kids, and housekeeping. We understand how tedious cleaning can be when you are already busy.

Next Level Home offers an array of services to help you save time. We are different from other residential cleaning companies. We

offer more than standard cleaning services we can also organize your home.

Let us clean your home or apartment and declutter it so you can make better use of your space and have peace of mind. The less

clean and organized your home is, the more chaotic your environment is. Our goal is to create a harmonic and peaceful home for

you. We want our clients to get the most from their home environment.

Who needs our housekeeping services?

• Busy Professionals—let us do your housekeeping, so you have more time to get ahead in your career.

• Parents—need help keeping up on housekeeping, cleaning, or organizing a toy room?

•Movers—moving in/out of your home? We can clean to ensure you get your deposit back.

•Divorcee—need moral support sorting through your stuff and packing?

•The Bereaved— need moral support cleaning out the home of a relative who has passed?


What we clean:


•Kitchen—clean and organize fridge/pantry, organize your cabinets, deep clean stove, wipe down surfaces, wash


•Living Room—vacuum, dust, organize shelving units, remove pet hair, pick up lose items, clean windows

•Bedroom—wash and fold laundry, clean out closets, change bedding, vacuum

•Bathroom—thoroughly clean bath/shower/sinks/toilets, clean out your cabinets, wash floors

•Home Office—organize paperwork, dust, organize shelving units

•Kids Room—pick up toys, wash and fold laundry, organize toy room


Woman holding cleaning supplies.
Woman holding folded and clean laundry.


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woman holding broom.
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