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Arranging your living space in a meaningful way can increase it's value. My label maker facilitates in the process of keeping on track and not losing our spot.  I can make a master list of the categories we find while sorting. I am able to organize entire rooms into basic categories so it is easier to discard what you don't need.  I can arrange office spaces into higher functioning workspaces and create libraries out of your book collection.  We can also figure out what types of furniture you can be rid of and what new storage furniture you will need.  I can get rid of outdated pantry food by checking dates and organizing what's left.  I can go through huge piles of your clothes and sort them for seasons so you can rest assured about what you put in storage.  If you have no time for move out packing- relax.  I can pack your items safely and label the boxes for the mover to come pick up.  I have experience unpacking fragile items and reestablishing unpacked wardrobes in your new closet. You can also buy a package of organizing sessions and pay for multiple organizing days at once.  Then we can discuss the days and times you want to use your organizing package.

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