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About us

Next Level Home was created with you in mind, we wanted to satisfy your needs to have your home immaculately clean and organized. Our vision is to create an environment of harmony and peace for you.

As an artist with a love of beauty and a desire to create visually pleasing art, I take these same same skills to apply to the way I clean and organize.  My art website,, is social proof of my love to create visually pleasing spaces for my clients.

As an eternal learner, I have a passion to understand the psychology behind organization and cleaning.  

This education allows me to create an environment for you that will empower you to get the most from your home environment.

 I decided to create a business that allows me to use my hands and eyes combined with cleaning materials to give people the treat of coming home to a dramatically cleaner space.  Our experience helps us to organize in such a way as to empower you through your environment.

We go the extra mile to not only do the work, but also understand why cleaning and organizing are important to you.

What sets NLH apart from the competition is that we take things to a more personal level.  We want to help you realize your dreams and aspirations so that we can create an environment that aligns with that. We help you do both cleaning and organizing.  This allows us to create a home environment for you.
​We've been in business for six years.  We love what we do. We look forward to cleaning  and organizing for you.


Committed to Keeping Your Home Squeaky Clean

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